Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Here Comes Summer

Despite what the weather in the NY area would have you think, it is in fact summertime. OK summer doesn't OFFICIALLY start for two more weeks, but once the calendar turns to June, for me, it's all over. It's my favorite time of year and I'm enjoying it pretty well so far. So what's been going on?
  • The Forum at the Looking Glass went very well. I really enjoyed working on it and I learned a LOT. I learned a lot about people and theater and how this business works and how different styles and personalities mesh together. I (re-)learned that I can be good at anything I apply myself to. I learned how to set light cues and do a hot patch. I learned how to use GarageBand to create voice overs and sound effects. I learned that when left to my own devices, I will create a 5-page checklist to get organized. I met some really great people and found some really great opportunities and I am really glad I got involved in it.
  • Leisure time has been very scarce but I did manage to catch a break, thanks to the lovely Marissa, and find time to attend the Nine Inch Nails concert with Frank last weekend. It was an amazing show as usual. Sad to hear it will be the last for a while. Maybe they will come back through New York before the tour ends (please)?  
  • I am now working on another show, as a stage manager. It's a very different kind of project and I think it has something to teach me as well. After that, I am taking a good healthy break and then diving into another project, assistant directing a show at the NY Fringe Festival. More details as they happen. 
  • Wedding arrangments have taken a turn for the better. I am NOT going to say anything official until it's 100% signed, sealed, and delivered, but we are much closer to locking in a date/place than when last I posted.
  • Schocholautte has a new website up and will be playing their big EP release party this Saturday. Please come out and celebrate with us if you're in the NY area!
Hope everyone's life is giving them as many happy thoughts to think as mine is! :)