Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Comedic Interlude: Painfully Awesome

A long time ago, I was dubbed "painfully awesome" by a good friend. I forget who exactly came up with this, but if you are this person, please speak up and be recognized :) What this means is that I am awesome, by all definitions of the word, but frequently, so awesome it hurts. Which sometimes means I am super extra-awesome. And sometimes means that I am awesome, but lame at the same time and the contrast of the two in one tends to be painful. Case in point:

Kris and I are in bed watching a movie. We have a small window air conditioner, but without good air circulation, it's not as effective as it could be. We've turned off the fan so we can hear the movie, but are sweating through it. Kris is used to it, he is usually internally too hot, but now even I am uncomfortable.

ME: It's HOT.

KRIS: Oh good I'm glad you think so. I thought you were going to tell me I was crazy like usual.

ME: No, it's effing gross in here. No more movies in bed, it's too long to go without proper temperature control.

***flash forward***

The movie has ended, the fan has been turned on, and the room has cooled down. I am playing solitaire on my phone because I'M AN ADDICT. Kris is trying to sleep.

ME: I should go to sleep. I wish I could stop playing this.

KRIS: I wish I had a lot more fans blowing on me.

ME: (sigh) I'm going to get you a ladder for our anniversary.

KRIS: (leaning away from the INCREDIBLY LOUD FAN whose noise I greatly resent) What?

ME: I said, I'm going to get you a ladder for our anniversary.


KRIS: To what end?

ME: So you can GET OVER IT.

KRIS: ...



I'm sleeping on the couch.

ME: No honey, I'm sorry. I'm kidding. I know you're hot.

KRIS: Not that. That joke was BAD.


You be the judge. Awesome? Painful? Or, as ever, painfully awesome?

ETA: Another apt conversation from the same night that demonstrates the same quality.

ME: I knew you were reluctant to watch Slumdog Millionaire because you didn't think it could be as good as I said it was.

KRIS: I was reluctant because everyone said that. But I was wrong.

ME: Well I was one of those people and I was right so you know you can always listen to me.

KRIS: Oh yeah, Sahara was a cinematic masterpiece.



Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Has it really been almost a MONTH since I blogged? Wow, I am the slackiest blogger who ever blogged. Lame.

I've been busy. The show I mentioned in my last post has come and gone if you can believe it. I got to work with some really great people and learned a lot, so I call it a win. I can't really talk much about that time, because not much happened in it, other than work and rehearsal. I was in NYC just about every day, ate just about every meal at my desk, went days at a time without seeing my fiance. It was rough. So at the end, last week, I took a week off from work and did something I'd never done with a vacation before: I stayed home and didn't go anywhere. My vacation was:
  • dinner with a director and an actress who I loved from a previous show at a swanky awesome Mexican place in the city, getting drunk on sangria and the best guacamole I've ever had
  • hitting up a weeknight pub quiz our friend hosts in South Jersey that we wouldn't have been able to attend without using vacation time. Many of our friends were there and it was fun to catch up.
  • taking our 11-month old niece to the Cape May Zoo. She's maybe a bit young to appreciate it just yet, but it was nice to take her out somewhere. I'm trying to progress our relationship from supervised visits at her mom's or grandma's house to being able to take her out somewhere on my own, in preparation for my own eventual kids :)
  • date night with my honey. Neither of us loved The Hangover like everyone else on the planet, but it's still nice to get taken out and the lowfat chocolate peanut butter frozen yogurt at Lindy Hops can't be beat!
  • seeing the Tempest on the outdoor stage and having a lovely fun picnic with Sarah.
  • bar night with an old friend who's in town, full of strange reunions of people I haven't seen in a while.
  • 2 4th of July bbqs and an awesome fireworks display in Liberty State Park.
  • dinner at my folks to see my family, who I realized I hadn't seen all month.
  • lots of baseball on tv.
  • lots of sleep.
  • lots of exercise. Every day, in fact!
  • lots of good eating and STILL losing 1.2 pounds :)
  • lots of quality time with my sweetie.
So no, I didn't get to go to a beach or visit a distant relative or tour a famous place but I had a damn good vacation anyway.

A couple of other happy thoughts happened this last month:
  • WE SIGNED THE CONTRACT WITH THE WEDDING VENUE!!!!! We are getting married on July 25, 2010! Woohoo! The wheels are in motion at last!
  • We had our engagment party which was loads of fun and it was terrific to see all our guests. Sorry if you weren't there, the etiquette is to invite only those you're sure you can invite to the wedding and ours will be small so we hope you're not offended.
  • Kris, impressed by my example, joined WW all on his own and lost 3.2 lbs. in his first week. YAY HONEY! He aims to lose 30, a totally doable goal by all accounts. I am so happy to have him taking good care of himself.
Hopefully it won't be another month before I have more happy thoughts for you!