Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I'm So Stupid, I'm on Fire

Hello, dear blog-readers. Sorry to go dark for so long. Life has been alternatively too busy to allow time to update and too boring to bother writing about. But, harking all the way back to mid-May, there's been lots to keep me happy.
  • I completely failed to mention the super-fun weekend we spent in the Catskills for Liam's birthday. It was just a big ol' fun get-together with friends and beer and wiffle ball. It was nice to get away and spend time with everyone. 
  • The following weekend the BBQ of DOOM! was held. The families met and got along swimmingly. The food was enjoyed by all. It was, overall, a rousing success.
  • We settled on vacation plans: a week spent down the shore, lodging with Kris's generous parents, with days spent on the beach at Wildwood. Not the most luxurious or glamorous getaway, but still fun and much needed.
  • I have been schooling bitches left and right at Dr. Mario online on WiiWare. If you have this game, let me know and try your luck against me. I'm nowhere near as good as Kris but I rock. (The post title comes from what we often say when we make a mistake. Kris said it first when playing against me and it made me laugh so hard I almost screwed up my own game.) WiiFit has turned out to be OK. Not the fitness savior we were maybe hoping, but it's not really WiiFit's fault. It was foolish to hope for a fitness savior at all. Just because it's a fun videogame that incorporates fitness doesn't mean there are more hours in the day for me to do it or more drive for me to do it when I'm tired or don't feel like it. But it is good, it helps some.
  • Got to go to the Wine & Blues Festival with Sarah and friends. Tasted a bunch of lovely wines, bought a couple bottles, and spent a really nice day with some really nice people. 
  • Seen every summer movie I was hoping to see so far and was not disappointed by any. Prince Caspian was only OK but that wasn't one of the ones I was looking forward to anyway. 
  • Just general happiness and good-feeling in general. They're not all perfect days, but most of them are. Getting stuff accomplished and feeling good about it. Having lots of fun and lots of love. Summer is here and that always makes me happier.
  • Let's all give a cheer and put all our support behind the Yanks' starting pitcher tonight. GO JOBA!

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