Monday, August 25, 2008

Doin' It By Myself

(Not that, you pervs!)

I feel *meepy*. This isn't a real word of course and no one but Kris understands what it means, but the closest approximation is "I need a hug." Kris is in Las Vegas until Thursday morning, so I'll have to do my best to take care of myself until he gets back. Some happy thoughts to help.
  • I scored a ton of workout gear for only $50 at Target this weekend. The gym is closed for a week for "annual maintenance" but when it reopens, I will be the best looking chica in the Zumba class. 
  • I got to hang out with my sis and her man and their adorable puppy, Mazzy Star, this weekend. This dog is freaking adorable. It is going to be HUGE but it is adorable.
  • We've been getting a ton of response from one audition notice in particular that we posted for the play I'm producing. Granted a lot of it is NY actors who don't read the post they're applying to closely enough, but we are still going to get a bump in attendance from it. It's really rather exciting.
  • Tonight is a night to indulge in Things I Don't Do When Kris Is Home: steam clams for dinner, make 88 calorie brownies, take a hot bath and eat brownies with wine while reading my trashy Posh & Becks book.
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