Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Work, Wedding, and Weight

Hi! So I'm back. Part of the reason I haven't updated in a bit was a 2 1/2 day tv/phone/internet drought  due to a service problem, which was truly tragic. I found ways around most stuff (baseball on the radio, streaming shows I missed online when we got service back, and using my iPhone as a lifeline for email/facebook/twitter), but man does life hurt without the internet. But anyway, another reason for the blog drought was that I was waiting for some things to be official before I wrote about them. Let's start with the biggest
  • I'M WORKING IN THEATRE AGAIN! A-friggin-men, eh? I was getting sick of sitting home feeling sorry for myself while Kris was out having a full, exciting life, so I decided to find and pursue some opportunities and I couldn't be happier with the one that I went with. I will be working (unpaid) as an Assistant Director/Stage Manager (hereafter, AD/SM) at the Spring Writer Director Forum at the Looking Glass Theatre. I am BEYOND thrilled to be working in theatre again and really happy to join this group, since it seems like there will be a lot more opportunities to work on future projects with them in even higher capacities, and they're lovely people besides. Show details to follow, but for now you can check out their site above and keep the first weekend in June open.
  • We have finally managed to check out all the venues we had picked out as potential wedding sites. Some we loved, some we hated, some we couldn't afford. We still haven't decided on anything, but I can tell you the following details: it will be in South Jersey and it will be late spring next year. We have to compare prices and let a few more people in on the decision-making process, but the ball, it would seem, is rolling.
  • I've lost weight! I'm now 9 pounds down and people are telling me I look skinny left and right. Of course, I think people tell you that when they know you're dieting, but I have heard it from a random stranger or two. I'm now halfway to my goal and then the next goal after that is to keep it off, but I am winning the battle against my weight, woohoo!

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Cherub Hipster, RN said...

well I def wasn't just saying it. You can totally tell. It shows a lot in your face even, which is a true sign of weight losing..

you are inspiring me!!