Wednesday, May 6, 2009

If You Need Me In The Next Month... may find it very difficult to find me. I have joined the ranks of my friends with ultra-busy schedules from school or a band or what-have-you. As of now, I have my rehearsal schedule for both shows I'm working on and now know exactly what I'll be doing every day of my life for the next 30 or so, and also throughout parts of June as well. I'm going to be at rehearsal a lot. I'm not going to see Kris much. I'm not going to see the inside of the gym much either, so I hope I can get a lot of walking in. Amazingly, I will have time to visit the two finalists we're still considering as wedding venues and by the time this whole deal is over, I will not only have been an AD/SM for two one act plays, but also set a date and signed a contract with a reception venue (because I'm awesome).

It's gonna be a whirlwind. The internet, as usual, is the best place to catch me. I will also be free, possibly single, and definitely in need of drinks most weekend nights. 
I had a momentary freakout yesterday, thinking that I had once again taken too much onto my plate, but as it turns out, know that I know when everything is, I think it's gonna be OK. And I know it's gonna be fun.

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