Monday, October 5, 2009

I have not forsaken thee

Those of you who check here occasionally for an update and are used to not finding anything new, please don't have a heart attack :)

I am a terrible blogger, I know. My last post was about 6 weeks ago. And that, I admit, was a blatant attempt to get noticed by the makers of Rifftrax and perhaps mentioned by them on Twitter. It didn't work. *shrug*

I have been making a lot of changes lately. Not really sure what's inspired them, maybe just being tired of not enjoying so many things in life and trying to replace those with things I do enjoy. I've been cooking a LOT lately and the more I do it, the more I enjoy it. I've been branching out into different types of cuisine. I cooked, well basically catered, for a friend's tapas party, having eaten tapas exactly once in my life and having cooked tapas exactly zero times in my life. I am finding the more hours I spend in my kitchen, the better my mental health. Even if there is not anything to be cooked, cleaning, washing dishes or organizing ingredients gives me peace. Crazy, I know.

Other stuff is going on. Plans for the wedding progress. I bought a wedding dress this weekend and I'm very excited about it. I am going to have a hard time waiting the 5-6 months for it to come in. But I am very happy with the dress I chose and the overall process of buying it. Success with this makes me eager to move on to the next tasks on the list.

I'm going to be directing a play in December at the Looking Glass Theatre in their Writer/Director Forum. The play is a very cool, Twilight Zone-ish, one-act called Where Time Is Money. I've cast one of the two roles from our super talented pool of theatre interns and am looking forward to open call auditions this upcoming weekend and the start of rehearsals to follow. I've got the good foundation of a fantastic script and two incredibly capable and helpful Asst. Director/Stage Managers, so I'm feeling pretty confident about this show. Details to follow as the show gets closer.

I've reached my goal weight at Weight Watchers. Roughly 6 months later, I am 20-ish pounds lighter. (My goal weight was 22 pound lighter than where I started, I've fluctuated a little since reaching it.) As of yesterday, I am a lithe 131.2 pounds and damn proud of it. When I began my aims were 1) lose weight for the wedding 2) keep it off till the wedding and 3) if possible, keep it off until after my sister's wedding next November. After that, the hell with it. But now that I'm here, I like it and I'll be trying to stay this healthy and thin as long as I can.

Oh yeah. And I'm turning 30 in a couple weeks. Gah. I dunno, I feel like I'm supposed to feel anxious about it. And in a way I kind of do. But in another way, age is just a number, and I'm happy with my life so I will just look forward to celebrating the start of the 4th decade of my life. Plans include family dinner, a joint celebration with Frank (with whom I have in some way shared birthday celebrations for the last 10 years as his is 2 days before mine), a blowout night of rock starring my favorite bands, and recuperating with football on Sunday.

I've been thinking about this blog. (Yeah I know, all that time I spend thinking I could just be updating it.) I'm not really happy with the format. I mean, I started it as a mental health aid, to remind myself of the positives in life during an especially tough time. Blogging, for me, has always been kind of a catalog of "what's been going on with me lately" type of posts and that...isn't that interesting for people who don't know me to read. So I'm thinking about changing up my format. Blogging more frequently but less about myself and more about the things that interest me in life in general. More structured, planned posts instead of my random compose-as-you-type, stream-of-consciousness thought regurgitation. In short, more like (but not exactly copied, of course) the blog of my friend and mentor in most areas of life, Sarah.

See you soon, hopefully sooner than the last time I said that. And don't be surprised if the next post is a different one. I'm hoping it will be better and more satisfying.

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