Thursday, December 6, 2007

Having Time To Post Is A Happy Thought

Thankfully, just because I don't have time to post every day, doesn't mean I don't have them every day. Catching up...

Todays' (and Yesterday's) Happy Thoughts
  • Had time to lay back with Kris and watch a movie Tuesday night. We chose the new version of Peter Pan from a couple years ago and it was delightful. A nice callback to the inspiration for this here blog, plus that movie makes Kris adorably happy.
  • Came in yesterday morning with the Wii for my boss. She was pretty happy about it. She's not a gushing kind of person but she did stop herself on the way out the door with it to sincerely say "thanks a million."
  • In doing things to help out around the office and even in the course of my usual work, I have noticed that I really have gained some skills from my old internship. Before I worked there, any new task would frighten me and I'd need constant monitoring. I learned how to just figure out or find out what I needed to know to get something done and then do it. It's a really good feeling to realize that you have that skill. What do they call that, so I can put it on my resume? Resourcefulness?
  • Having a Sifl & Olly song stuck in my head this morning, I discovered a wealth of clips on YouTube.
  • Grabbed a catalog for Gotham Writers' Workshop off the street today and it has me excited. They even offer gift certificates, which I hope to get for Christmas and use towards a class next year. Yay!
  • I have a very good night to look forward to. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow after it happens.

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