Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Bursting with Snacky Happiness

It's not that I didn't have any happy thought yesterday. It's just that I'm a busy girl and also that I worked through lunch for no good reason. So, positive result, I have a backlog of happy thoughts!

Today's Happy Thoughts
  • This weekend I got a chance to watch That Thing You Do with Kris. His life is resembling it a little lately, plus it's a great movie so it was a nice cozy thing to do.
  • Saturday we had a lovely lovey dovey morning on the couch.
  • Sunday we woke up to snow  everywhere.
  • We spent all of Sunday in South Jersey, engaged in holiday fun with his family. We put up their (fake) tree, we shopped, I baked cookies with his mom, we watched holiday movies. It was a tremendously great, fun, relaxing day.
  • Caught 3/4 of the Steeler game on Sunday night and despite being a crazy game full of turnovers, we won. 9-3 baby! Woo!
  • On the ride home and over the course of Sunday,  I thought up most of my Christmas gift ideas. The "thinking of" is the hardest part so now come the more fun parts.
  • I had a delicious Wawa sub to split over the past two days for lunch. 
  • We voted on a great play to do next spring in my theater group and I might even be involved in it.
  • Went to my store last night and picked up a BUNCH of gifts which is also a load off my mind. And thanks to Employee Appreciation week, I got ridiculously fantastic deals.
  • This morning I became my boss's hero. She needs a Wii for her granddaughter and I have the hookup. Now, Kris's store will make a bunch of money, a good girl will get a great cool gift, and I score big points with my boss.
  • I had a chance to set up our (cardboard) Christmas tree in the office today and it got me thinking about other easy, fun ways to decorate the office.
  • I finally got the reservation made for the office Christmas party. HUGE load off my mind.
  • A lot of what I've been doing for her since I started here, is taking hand edits that she's made on hard copy and inputting them into the computer. It does take some skill, but it's certainly not taxing on the brain. My boss will be away the week before Christmas and she says I can do the editing she's been doing while she's gone. Yay a step up!

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