Friday, December 14, 2007

C is for Cookie

It's definitely a good thing that I've been too busy to blog lately. And it's all from good stuff. Not that I've been Mary Sunshine 100% of the time. I still feel homicidal rage during both my morning and evening commute on a daily basis. But mostly I've been busy with holiday fun and cheer. And I'll do a Happy Thoughts Recap blog soon.

But for today, let me dedicate this blog to Today's Happy Thought: Cookies.

I feel as though I am starting to come down with something. And I'm glad it's on a Friday afternoon when I will have plenty of time to rest and not spend one of my sick days. But I certainly do feel a little better, having eaten a delicious fresh oatmeal raisin cookie from Whole Foods. 

I love cookies. A lot. I can have ice cream and chocolate and all manner of good treats in my house, but if I want a cookie and I don't have any, I will not have anything else. Cookies are the best. As Jessica at GFY said "'C is for Cookie'...I hear has been replaced by 'Cookies Are A Sometimes Food', which, I'm sorry, is bullshit because cookies are an ALWAYS food, they're just not a MASS QUANTITIES food."

Hooray for cookies. I will happily accept anyone who wants to bring me cookies tonight as I sit on my couch trying not to let this cold get any worse. I'm sure they will make me feel better. if I don't have enough cookies in the house already, thanks to Cookie Baking at Sarah's last weekend. :)

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