Thursday, November 13, 2008


It's been a trying day, or at least, it was a trying morning at work, spending my hours being bombarded by stupid questions from someone who works for me who clearly hadn't read the instructions I sent him. It made it seem as though I was not very good at my job. But then I remembered the majority of the people working for me were handling things just FINE and that most of the questions and definitely his attitude were unwarranted.

So a mini-blog of things that kept the day happy and kept me from crashing into self-defeat:
  • A compliment from Sarah who had a look at the guidelines I designed for the project I'm managing and proclaimed "you do big stuff, lady." It's easy to forget that because I don't LOVE what I do and that it's kind of a fallback job more than a dream career, that I do rock at it and am quite competent and impressive.
  • A surprise visit from Marissa who got rehired for more freelance work at my job, thanks to her connection to me. It was really nice to see her, but it was even nicer to hear her say "Now I can buy my family Christmas presents!" That made me really happy.
  • I'm walking down the stairs to the subway and this REALLY CUTE guy looks up and totally checks me out. I am stunned by his cuteness and can't believe he was really looking at ME. At the bottom of the stairs I look back to see if I can see if he was really as cute as I thought he was and HE WAS LOOKING BACK AT ME! I know this is stupid and high school, and it in no way means anything about my relationship with Kris. It just made me feel good about myself.
And now back to the grind and hopefully recapping these happy moments will get me through a long night at the bookstore.

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