Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Move

So, we moved. It was fast and hard and strenuous and well, I guess moving is kind of like teenage sex that way, as Sarah and I hypothesized. Think about the things they have in common:

  • hasty
  • physically uncomfortable
  • a rush to get stuff from one place to another
  • it's probably easier when there's alcohol involved
  • you'll end up with bruises in funny places
  • too many people want to offer you opinions on how to get it over with
  • you'll feel awkward around the movers in the morning (well you would if they were still there the next day :)
But all that aside it is over and done. I got most of the packing done while Kris dealt with a 1-2 combo of stomach flu and work jerking him around. Our family and friends very generously helped us take a dozen carloads of stuff over and we paid movers to load a rented truck with our heavy stuff and unload it at the new house.

Oh. And we bought appliances. We own a fridge, a washer, and a dryer. Holy crap.

Living in the new place is very different. I feel like I'm playing house. This is the first place I've lived with a guy where it felt like it belonged to us and no one else. The first place we lived, we loved, but it always was obvious that we were living in an apartment in someone else's house. The place we've moved into feels like our own. We have our own space, indoors and out, upstairs and down. It's cozy and it suits us and it is sized more appropriately for two people than the last place was. I've cooked dinner for my guy there a couple of the nights so far and done laundry in the basement and folded it while watching TV with him. It's oh-so-domestic, it just doesn't quite feel real. I suppose I have a tendency to distrust anything that seems too good to be true. But the fact is I really really love it and he does too. And as soon as we're set up for company, we hope you'll all come see how good it is.

Of course that may not be until 2012 because I find myself so tired from the move that I have no energy to unpack. But that's what I have Kris for :)

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