Friday, November 30, 2007

Happy Thoughts of the Weekend Ahead

Today's one of those kind of days that's not good or bad, it's just there, waiting to be over. So, I guess, most of the happy things are things I'm looking forward to, but that's OK, they still count. 

Today's Happy Thoughts
  • Left over from yesterday, one of the guys in the office bought talking The Office pens for everyone so now we can hear goofy quips from Michael Scott. Bonus? Everyone in my office has enough sense not to overuse them and make them annoying!
  • I did not get to make cookies last night. My running around looking for a pastry blender made me too tired to bake when I got home. So instead I got my Christmas card list together. And I have over 5 dozen cards to send. Which equals a lot of people in my life that I love. Bonus? Kris is going on a mission today to find me a pastry blender and a Christmas light bulb tester. Such a knight in shining armor.
  • I got pizz-aid today! Now I can finally start my Christmas shopping! (Plus pay pittances like my rent and car payment.)
  • Tomorrow is the weekend and that means a big breakfast and sleeping in. Oh God, sleeping in. Mmmmmm.
  • Sunday we are going down to South Jersey to help Kris's parents with the tree. So much fun and holiday goodness. Yay!
  • Sunday night there is a Steeler game on national TV. Don't know if we'll make it back in time to watch the whole thing, but I can ti-faux it and catch it whenever.
I hope everybody has a weekend full of happy thoughts like this!

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