Thursday, May 15, 2008

More Inappropriate Puppet Humor Than Avenue Q

Today's Happy Thoughts:
  • My taco lunch was a success. Every month, someone in the office brings in lunch for everyone. May was my turn so I made this pork-and-pineapple taco recipe that I had never made before and it came out wonderfully and everyone loved it. In fact, one of my coworkers is making himself another helping right now!
  • As my office kicks ass, we got to have margaritas with lunch. And the guy who mixed them made them kinda strong. Whee!
  • I love my new Bitten t-shirt that I'm wearing today. I know it's kind of odd to show love for something as simple as a t-shirt but it fits great, looks great, and is super soft. I'ma go get some more after work, they're only $9!
  • I have a feeling about tonight, that it is going to be an awesome night. The Schocholautte Girl Groupies will be getting together before the show for dinner to bond outside of the band and I think the show is going to kick everyone's ass.
  • And for a little humor, this is what happens when a conversation on a discussion board spills over into your band rehearsal and 4 beers later someone says, "Hey, I've got a video camera." Ladies and gentlemen, my friend Jeremy (the one on the left) singing "If You Had To Fuck a Muppet" (extremely NSFW)

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