Wednesday, May 14, 2008

That's All She Wrote

The show, she is over. Much to my great relief. It was fun and it had it's moments. It was also tough. Our leading man became an increasingly bigger jackass over time to the point that everyone wanted to smack, strangle, and otherwise maim him. Apparently he had many choice words to say about me behind my back, which our director wisely kept from me until after he'd cleared the building following the last show. The gratitude, I say, for coming in and doing a fantastic job under serious pressure at the expense of almost all of my free time, is ASTONISHING.

The show went...well. For what it was. People who came seemed to enjoy it. Lots of loved ones came from great distances to see it which was super-flattering and I almost felt kind of bad. I was not super-proud of the show. It was outdated and kind of a dinky story. It's not the show I would choose if I were to direct, nor is it the show I would choose to represent myself. At any rate, it's past.

And now what? Well, stuff. There are some events to be planned this summer. I'm attempting to hammer out vacation plans with Kris though I do have some...hesitations shall we say. And I really want to get back to the Nicoffeine remake. Which will of course require effort on my part. I feel...

To be honest, I feel 30 bearing down on me. Not like "oh God, it's coming, I'm gonna be OLD!" because that's not it. I have plenty of lovely friends who have already hit that benchmark and are by no means OLD. It's more that I'm running out of time where it's just me and what I want. And in that time I need to accomplish a certain amount. Hopefully enough to allow me to still continue to do what I want, once I have others' needs to consider. You shouldn't take this as some cryptic sign that I'm pregnant or on the verge of marriage or about to buy a house. But these are all things I want, sooner or later, and I'd like to not have to give up films to get those or vice versa. 

Happy Thoughts of the Day:
  • The show is over and I have my life back.
  • I get to go away this weekend and, God willing, relax.
  • I have orchestrated a meeting of both families, to be held next weekend. It's important to me and something I've wanted for a while.
  • I'm making pork-and-pineapple tacos for the office tomorrow and fully intend to blow them away. 
  • I'm going out to dinner tomorrow night with Haley Jane and Marissa. Awesome first because, it means it's one of those rare nights where I don't have to entertain myself for hours between work and a gig. Awesome second because I get to bond with the girls outside of a band-related environment. Hee!
  • Work is showing signs that I might get to do something interesting requiring brain function soon.
  • I'm on Twitter. Please come follow me. I am totally a technology whore/Sarah's bitch who does whatever she's told.


Jillian said...

Is this the fake tan show? How did that work out???

Karen said...

yep it was the fake tan show. The tan worked out great, I looked good. However, afterward, I discovered my skin was not feeling as smooth and nice as it usually does. It's starting to recover now and I'm sure it was due to some product I should have used during the process that I don't know about.