Thursday, November 29, 2007

Good Music, Warm Train, and More Food

Today's Happy Thoughts:
  • At the last minute, ended up having dinner and drinks with my cousin last night and having a blast, being regaled with tales from his dad's recent second wedding.
  • Schocholautte ROCKED the house last night. I had a fantastic time hangin' out with Haley Jane and partying to the fine music which was greatly appreciated by the decent-sized crowd. I'm so proud of my man and I love when he's as happy as he was last night.
  • I stayed late at work last night so that in case I overslept this morning, which I was bound to do, I'd be covered. And then I got up and caught my usual train so, totally sweet!
  • The train broke down right after I got on it so I was late anyway. But they let us stay on the nice warm train and didn't make us get off and wait in the cold for the next train. I even caught a few zzzs and my ass was already covered for being late to work.
  • If all goes as planned, I am going to make some fantastic cookies tonight with a somewhat greater degree of difficulty than I have ever done before. Want one?
  • Oh yeah, and I just bought a sweet gorgeous cashmere sweater from Victoria's Secret for like 1/2 price. Can't wait till it get's here!

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