Thursday, January 3, 2008

Willpower Is a Superpower

Hi everybody, especially potential new readers from my LJ. 

Today, the weather is something I like to call Evil Cold. And my shoes are falling apart. And I'm having one of those days you sometimes have in publishing where you have to redo a bunch of stuff you just did because someone gave you stuff that wasn't final or didn't think something all the way thru before they told you to do it. So today I really need a happy thought. And here it is.

Today's Happy Thought:

  • Even though I craved a nice greasy grilled cheese sandwich and also wanted to allow myself to have one to make up for all the crap I went through this morning, I held out and ate the lunch I brought with me instead. So now I get to feel good about myself because I have willpower. And that's pretty good. This is the first time since I decided to get back on the healthy eating track, that I have been sorely tempted to stray and it makes me very happy and confident to say that I resisted. 
I suppose the fact that I haven't murdered anyone in my office yet is no small miracle either :)

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