Thursday, January 31, 2008

And Then, Something Awesome Happened

So, I'm sure everyone who reads this knows that I've made a couple movies in my time. Shorts, mind you, but movies nonetheless. And they were made by my "production company" Shoot the Moon Films (I put that in quotes because, when you self-produce, you can pretty much make up a name and that's all it takes for that "company" to exist). Shoot the Moon Films has a Myspace. And since I didn't do much filmmaking in the last year, the Myspace went frequently unchecked. I popped in today, to friend Schocholautte, the better to show of my video skillz to the band, who have invited me to make a music video with them. And discovered a message containing the following:

"We are seeking permission to use 'Nicoffeine' on Local Point TV. We are impressed with the short and think it would be a perfect fit for our channel."


Someone, someone who does not know me, has seen my movie and liked it enough to want to BROADCAST IT TO A WIDER AUDIENCE.

YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!

I can't even believe this. Now we can't really jump to conclusions. The message is old and I don't know if the offer still stands. I wrote back to the guy to see what the deal is (after checking it out to make sure it's a legit thing). But the feeling that someone liked my work enough to want to distribute it, based solely on seeing it and it making him laugh? That feeling is indescribable and irreplaceable.

You guys, this is just fucking awesome.

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