Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Little Things and Looking Forward

Today started out terrifically shitty. I woke up late, people were particularly rude on the train today, I fell and scraped my hand in Penn Station, I put every penny of my Christmas bonus in the mail and sent it off to the US government and I still owe them more, and I got my period. Not even a chocolate Krispy Kreme helped my mood. But then little things did.
  • A smile caused by a friend who suggested a 9:30 am shot of tequila for my troubles.
  • The fact that, though My Office Nemesis prattled on for about 20 minutes about how she accidentally opened her roommate's phone bill and she was afraid her roommate would be mad, I have the ability to pop in an earphone and tune out that nonsense. 
  • The fact that, even though I don't get to spend my Christmas bonus on myself, I do get to be rid of my tax problems. 
  • The fact that, even though Kris doesn't understand what it's like for a woman to go through this monthly cycle, he sympathizes, doesn't get frustrated with me or patronize me because of it, and tries to make me laugh. 
  • The fact that I am going to see and old friend from college on Thursday and go to dinner at Sarah's on Saturday. Yeah, today sucks and I don't want to be doing what I'm doing and it's probably going to be more of the same all week. But at least I can look forward to a time when I'm happier and having more fun. 
  • That I can be happy. I just read a blog post by one of my favorite musicians who has dissociative disorder. It makes me really sad for him, but it also makes me appreciate that in recent weeks and months I have learned how to be happy most of the time and I am. 

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