Monday, April 14, 2008

Who Would Win In A Fight Between The Hulk, Godzilla, and King Kong?

A lot has happened in the last week. I am practically incapacitated by it.

  • Thursday and Friday, the band played shows to audiences including his family and my family. It was really fun and a good time was had by all.
  • I completed Round 1 of the NYC Midnight Madness Screenwriting Competition. A lot of people have been confused, thinking this is the thing I do where I have to make a movie. Nope, this is the one where I had to write a script. I spent 5 days on one concept, trying to make it work, before scrapping it entirely and starting over with a new concept on Thursday afternoon. In 4 drafts, between then and Saturday night, I wrote a 15-page mystery that I am pretty proud of and I have to wait 6 weeks to see if it qualifies for the next round. If you wanna read it, holla. Big thanks to my beta readers, Kris and Sarah.
  • Saturday was really the main event of the weekend. The band was to play a house party in Brooklyn. They had done one before, to great effect, so this time I decided to come, knowing it would be a late night (I was told they would go on at about 1 am). A carload of Kris's friends came up from South Jersey and met us at the house. We loaded up the kit and drove out to Kris's store to meet more of his friends/employees. While waiting for everybody to show up, we determined that, since this gig was gotten through friends of friends, we didn't actually know anyone at the party. One of our friends got to the party ahead of us and we imagined what it would be like if someone questioned her right to be there:
"Who are you?" 
"I'm Kat."
"Kat who?"
"I'm Sean's sister."
"Who's Sean?"
"Kris's friend."
"Who's Kris?"
"The drummer for the band."
"What band?!"

Any. Way. We finally got all our crew together and took off. I rode with the car who had neither directions nor a GPS and we almost lost our lead car. We made it there OK and loaded in the gear. The opening  "band" (a guy in zombie makeup and a cowboy hat with a guitar, a tambourine, and an ipod backing him up) was...well we decided to explore the neighborhood. We came upon a place called Barcade, which had old-school arcade games and alcohol, the perfect place for Kris and I :) Having located the money-dispensing game (all you have to do is put in your card and your secret code :) I got a couple drinks and started to feel much more comfortable. We hung out all over the party, watched some of the other bands, danced, chatted. Eventually we felt comfortable enough to take advantage of the house bar. It had been a long time since I had that much cheap-vodka-and-OJ-in-a-big-plastic-cup, but it helped. At some point we learned that one of Kris's friends kissed one of Kris's employees and it was the employee's first kiss. He celebrated by raiding the party's fridge and coming away with the prize of a jar of jelly. Argyle Johansen played a set and then Schocholautte went on, almost 3 hours after their proposed 1 am start time, and played for an hour. Rarely have I had such a time. Everyone was dancing (instead of me being the lone idiot at the front of an otherwise empty dance floor) clapping, singing, sweating, having a wonderful time. The band left every ounce of anything they had on the stage and I left it on the dance floor as well. We loaded the equipment and the people back up and headed for home, making it to bed, after a quick stop at the bagel store, at 7 am. 

Three. Hours. Later. Kris's phone rings with my favorite type of call, the "Hi, It's The Manager Of The Video Store Next To Your Store, No One Is There To Open The Store" call. Of course, one of the idiots who came to the party was supposed to open and didn't wake up. Tried to go back to sleep but an hour later, my overnight guests were awake and yapping so I rolled out of bed. I had big plans to make breakfast, which were leapt upon by one of Kris's friends mere seconds after I appeared out of the bedroom. Eventually I woke up enough to cook and we made a huge feast of scrambled eggs, bacon, and pancakes before our guests departed.

It was, without doubt, one of the most fun weekends in recent memory, worth any amount of aggravation, stress, or sleep-deprivation, which, except for sleep-deprivation, there wasn't much of. We laughed almost continuously and had a good old fashioned fun time. I bonded with Michael P's girl Haley over our mutual uncomfortableness in large groups of strangers. She's really a cool fun girl. It was, in the end, a most amazing weekend.

Which, let's face it kids, I'm pretty old and I won't be having another one of these for a WHILE. So it's good that I appreciate it as much as I do.

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