Monday, April 7, 2008

Short Film, Bleacher Seat Sunburn, and My Name In Lights

So, let's see. This was actually a big weekend. 
  • Thursday night was another hit rock and roll show, kicking off Schocholautte's month long residency at the Trash Bar. Always a good time and I expect many more to come.
  • Friday there was very little to be done at work. I came in. I dicked around while awaiting some files to come in. The files came and the little work that needed to be done got done. At which point my boss was like "Well, no point in paying you to sit here and stare out the window, why dontcha go home?" Don't hafta tell me twice so I hightailed it out and had lunch with my mom and then got our long overdue laundry done at the mom-dramat, where the banana bread is fresh-baked and you can revel in a Tivo'd Masterpiece version of Jane Austen's Emma.
  • There's this thing I did on a whim in the middle of the week, last week, and that thing was to sign up for the NYC Midnight Madness Screenwriting competition. My class is just about over and I'm kind of all about short films right now so why not another kick in the ass to get writing? A coworker asked "what's the prize?" and my answer is, I don't really care. So at any rate, Friday at midnight, my assignment arrived: A mystery about a refrigerator, in 15 pages, in a week. Anyone who wants to read, give a shout. Of course, there would have to be something to read first ("hey maybe you should be writing that instead of blogging!" I know, shut up).
  • Saturday I got a long awaited haircut. I don't quite have the Posh Spice look I was hoping for, my hair's not long enough in the front yet. But I do look and feel fresher and prettier.
  • Saturday afternoon I accompanied my sister's boyfriend to my first Yankee game of the season. She got him a block of Saturday bleacher seats but she had a big test so I took her place for this game. The Yanks lost and the game kinda dragged but the weather was gorgeous and we had a good time.
  • I got back from the game just in time to grab Kris and haul him out for the premiere of that move I worked on a couple of years ago. For the first time ever, I was able to/had to pull a "Does it help me get in if I worked on the film?" I felt guilty, but I was on the crew and I didn't wanna drive an hour and a half and not get in. I spotted tons of people I remembered from working on the shoot, but because of my natural shyness, not being in the mood for introductions and small talk, and not being sure how well I am thought of by these folks, I flew under the radar and kept my head down. We crammed into a gorgeous huge old theater to watch the movie. I have to say, I was majorly impressed. I've read the script, I was there when it was being shot, and I know stuff about what it was based on. All of that, and the not-very-indicative trailer, made me think it would be kind of a mediocre summer rom-com. But it was actually pretty good, with some very good humor and great performances (I knew the actors were good, but I didn't get to spend a lot of time on set so I didn't see much of this). I was awash with memories for the entire screening, pointing out people I knew, crew members who appeared as extras, things that happened behind the scenes, etc. At the end, the list of people who made the movie possible rolled from the bottom of the screen to the top and my name was on it. One of the most amazing experiences of my life. I wish I could have taken a picture of it. I hope this movie makes it to theaters so everyone I know can see it. I also hope it makes it because it is a product of love from a lot of talented people. I complained a lot while working on it and since, but in hindsight, many of my complaints were not the movie's fault. The movie is great. I wish it well. It taught me a lot and it made me happy.
  • Yesterday was a lovely sweet and lazy day that I can summarize thusly: sleep late, bacon, writing, House of the Dead, groceries, writing, freakout and breakthrough, tacos, tv, lovin', lying in the dark laughing uncontrollably while your boyfriend quotes The State.

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I was also sunburned!