Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

Wasn't that fun? I gather by the non-reaction to yesterday's post that nobody read it, nobody fell for it, nobody thought it was funny or all three. Which is fine, it was clearly meant as a hardy-har-har type of April fool. Will someone please explain that to Kris, who got a little hot under the collar when I showed it to him?

Today's Happy Thought: BED

After a long struggle with money anxiety and morning soreness and stiffness and needing to buy new bedding and vying for enough space for me, Kris, the body pillow and the cat, we finally have a new bed.

It's a big gorgeous queen-sized Beautyrest. It was delivered this morning, not long after Kris and I rolled out of the old bed, giving us a pretty nice side-by-side comparison of how much better the new bed feels. I'd venture a guess that, since Kris is off today, that he hasn't left it yet and I don't blame him. It's probably the nicest thing I've ever bought for my home. The new sheets are gorgeous and comfy and I'm just so happy overall about the whole thing. 

And given how I have been slapping myself awake for the first half of the day, I am going to need it as soon as I get home :)

A secondary happy thought is that, while we weren't looking, the season premiere of Hell's Kitchen snuck right up on us! It's back and deliciously overdramatic and stupid. Ramsay's in fine form and the donkey contestants are...well, donkeys. I like quality programming too, don't get me wrong,  but this show is super-enjoyable.


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