Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hello Again, Old Friend

I guess when one find's oneself staring out the window at work, one probably has time to blog.

The past few weeks have been crazy busy, obviously. In brief:

  • The band has been going well. Successful shows, good music, new songs, fun times. It's been going so well, I hardly see my man anymore, but that's the price of fame. Plus I exaggerate a wee bit.
  • I performed in a scene for my theater group's open meeting. That went well. It will probably be all the acting I do for a while, but it was nice to help out a friend and stretch my acting limbs.
  • Threw a birthday bash for my man that seemed to be a rousing success. Many friends attended, good food and beer was consumed and a good time was had by all. I certainly had a happy Birthday Boy on my hands. 
  • Got to see what is becoming the Annual Outdoor Shakespeare play with Sarah. Complete Wrks is funny, but we'd both already seen it. Still it was a nice night out that was much needed.
  • Co-threw a baby shower for Kris's sister. Even though we were running late and all kinds of things went wrong, it still came off well. She very much enjoyed and appreciated it and she got a ton of adorable stuff. I felt good to have been able to help out on a venture like this for me adopted family.
  • Spent the rest of that weekend enjoying the company of good friends and then enjoying the company of no one but Kris. That was fantastic. I can genuinely say I didn't worry about anything almost all day.
  • I jumped back on the Wii Fit train. I never really stopped eating right or walking when I got the chance, so  my weight didn't change that much, but now I'm back to trying to at least do yoga every day. I set a more reasonable goal for myself this time. We'll see. If it works, I'll be so happy.
  • Work has been positively crazy. We have all been pushed to the limit, but we have very barely made our deadlines. I have been doing a good job and just recently we hired someone to do the boring crap work that I've been doing so that I can focus on doing the stuff that actually uses my brain, which makes me more useful to the team, YAY!
  • It is almost time to not think about work anymore. After tomorrow afternoon, I will be on vacation for a  week and a half (with the holiday). Down the shore, lodging at Kris's parents', going to the free beaches at Wildwood, having lots of WaWa and ice cream. 
It's been a very full month and still kind of empty in a way. I've done a lot for others, but not much for myself. So I've resolved that when I return, I will give myself a project, one that will make me happy. To be continued...

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