Monday, July 14, 2008

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

  • slept late
  • spent 4 days laying on the beach at the Jersey shore, getting gorgeously tan and not really burned
  • read 2 magazines and half a novel
  • played a bunch of games of Uno
  • played 3 games of mini-golf: pirate-themed indoor, complete with blacklight paint and a constant soundtrack of shantys, gold mine-themed, and lost city-themed (which reminded me of Indiana Jones)
  • pumped about 10 bucks into Area 51 arcade machines
  • played air hockey and some other random arcade games
  • shot a couple games of pool and won most of them
  • played a trivia game in a bar with a group of friends and came in 2nd
  • played a hardcore 2 hour game of 4square
  • saw Wall-E, Hancock, and Hellboy 2
  • rode the big Ferris Wheel
  • strolled up and down the boardwalk several times
  • went for a 10 mile bike ride (I KNOW!!) to get Icees
  • ate pizza, subs, french fries, fried oreos and all kinds of other bad stuff
  • ate ice cream almost every day
  • went to Wawa any time we wanted to
  • spent 8 days of extremely good quality time with my man, reconnecting and being lovey-dovey and reordering our priorities to put each other at the top of our lists
I cannot describe fully how much I needed that vacation or how incredibly wonderful it was. All I can say is it was like hitting reset and cranking all my knobs to their optimal settings. I felt happy, healthy, relaxed and unstressed (and despite eating like a queen and gaining a couple pounds, having moments when I looked at myself and thought 'I look FANTASTIC!'). I only hope I can find ways to retain these feelings in my everyday life or regain them when I start to lose my grip on them. I always want to feel the way I felt last week.

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