Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Too Hot

Today is a day for cheering me up. Because apparently the choices are, keep the office door and suffer the stifling heat or be assaulted by the sounds of a BUZZSAW down the hall. Because, despite the line on my Wii Fit graph going down for 3 consistent sessions, my shorts are still super tight. And for a whole host of other reasons, it is time to remember why I can smile.
  • I have officially Started Writing Again. I have an idea that's possessed me and according to those I've told about it, it's a good'un. I am trying to take it slow and do all the necessary prewriting before I start in on the actual story. I'm actually kind of enjoying creating these characters' backgrounds. It is still that frustrating feeling of not feeling like you're getting anywhere because you can't say "I have written X pages." But it feels good to be doing it nonetheless.
  • I've gotten my credit card balance under $1500. WOOOOO! (FYI I was living off my Amex for part of last year and have been trying to pay it down since).
  • I had a terrific time with my friends on Saturday night, finally getting to go up and see their house and hanging out and seeing the Dark Knight at the drive-in.
  • In 1 week, Kris's band is releasing an EP on Amazon.com and iTunes. In 10 days, they are having an EP release party. In 2+ weeks, I am going to see Counting Crows with a bunch of fun cool people. In 26 days, I will be an aunt AND I will have been with Kris for 4 years. There is a lot of good to look forward to, people.
I am pathetically past due on giving props to some people who richly deserve them:
  • Sarah, who bought her first home two weeks ago! Welcome home, sweetie.
  • Joanna, my sister, who passed her NCIDQ certification exam!
  • Lauryn, who is finally getting out of her crap job and starting nursing school in a month!
I am so proud of all my girls. I know so many awesome people and that's another reason to be happy.

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