Thursday, February 7, 2008

It's Almost Over

This week has been a difficult one and I've been kind of unhappy for a good part of it. But some things happened to kind of turn it around, so now it's time to post.

Today's Happy Thoughts

  • I will be getting paid on schedule this week. Believe it or not, this was in question. I work for a very small company with a very casual atmosphere. This has many advantages. One disadvantage is that if the person who does payroll is out of town on payday, he feels he can defer payment until he gets back. Much to the relief of my dwindling bank account, I have relieved him of this notion.
  • The lead singer of Schocholautte does not hate my video proposal as I was starting to believe. Due to technical difficulties, he has been unable to email me his thoughts on it. But he relayed to me through Kris that he does like the idea and wants to discuss it further. I can officially extract myself from my downward spiral of self-hatred.
  • This week, which has been pretty full of suck (though not completely without its highlights), is almost over. 
  • Sarah has been feeding me things to cheer me up which are brilliant. Like this
  • I am at the point in my continuing effort to be more positive, where I can have a week like this and resist the urge to make a whiny blog post about it.

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