Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Broke Bag Mountain

I know, that joke is so 3 years ago, but it's also clever.

So, for years, I've been carrying this plain black messenger bag I got in Target for cheap and loving it. It's plain, functional, love the pockets, and I've gotten compliments on it. It's fatal flaw is that I can just about squeeze my laptop into it, if I take everything else out. I find I have an increasing need to drag my laptop in and out of the city, whether for class, or because I want to use the time between work and one of Kris's gig efficiently, or because sometimes riding the train is the only time my brain has to itself to write things. So I've been using a promotional bag from craft that my old internship boss gave me when I first got the laptop. It's not as pockety or stylish as I'd like but it's big enough to hold my hulking behemoth of an Apple (man, do I lust for a MacBook Air) and once in a blue moon a fellow foodie notices my taste in good restaurants. Sadly, yesterday, one of the bottom corner seams busted, making this an impractical option. And I don't really love the bag enough to have it fixed. What I really want, is a new bag. Something stylish, easy to carry, big enough to fit a 16" computer and sturdy enough to carry the weight of said computer, and very importantly, affordable (my financial situation is still somewhat lamentable, but I can't let that stand in the way of the fact that carting my laptop around is kind of necessity). 

Any help here? I admit I'm asking before shopping myself, because shopping tends to make me sad about the things I can't have. I think I saw a magazine article about stylish computer bags in a magazine but I also think I'm crazy because the only magazine I ever see is Everyday with Rachael Ray and she can't have covered this topic, can she?

Oh, and, to keep with the theme, Today's Happy Thought is a used treadmill. Yesterday marks the official One Billionth Time I Looked At My Thighs in Disgust (yes, balloons rained down from the ceiling and there was a barbershop quartet and everything). I know the only thing I'm doing wrong with regard to my weight is not exercising, because I've yet to find an exercise regimen that is interesting enough to distract me from the fact that I hate to exercise. So yesterday, I decided I can either bitch forever or suck it up and find a used treadmill on craigslist, for use while watching TV because my office has enough space to house one and a tragically underused TV and because I'm always looking for ways to watch more TV and yet be more productive whilst doing so. And in even happier news, when I mentioned this to Kris, he said that he knows his mother has a treadmill that he's pretty sure never gets used anymore (seeing as they now have a Bowflex TM) and we could probably have it. So hurray for a fitness option that may finally actually work and also not cost me anything!!!!

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CRAFT- Gallery and Boutique said...

I may have a tote you could use, it just won't have a messenger strap...