Monday, February 25, 2008

Happy Thoughts: Snowy Weekend Edition

Happy Thoughts:

  • The snow on Friday allowed me to stay in and sleep late and work all nice and cozy and warm on my couch with my feline assistant. And it was pretty. And since I didn't have to drive in it all weekend, it was OK with me. And it made Kris IMMENSELY happy. 
  • The evening's entertainment consisted of a mindblowing 2 hours of the end of Season 2 of Doctor Who. There is very little in the world that makes me as excited and emotionally invested as this show does. Now, people, I do get emotionally invested in a lot of stuff to a mild degree. This was different. I was flipping out. At the end of the 1st half, the reveal was so scary I actually took my blanket and hid behind the side of the couch. By halfway through the second half, I was on my knees about 5 feet from the TV and by the end, I had sobbed. TWICE. That's good TV.
  • Saturday saw my house truly cleaned for the first time in a long while. I've been busy, Kris has been sick, whatever. But we had company and now my floors are clean enough to eat off of, even if we ate at the dining room table instead.
  • Saturday night I had a date with Sarah. I made a dinner which she praised to the high heavens, along with the condition of my home. It is always nice to have someone appreciate the things that you do. We talked and laughed and had fun and she took a bunch of pictures. Then we saw a really good minimalist production of All's Well That Ends Well at a local community theater and ended the night with girltalk and muffins in the diner. Huzzah for best friends! 
  • Yesterday was Movie Day. I managed to get some work done early and make another batch of scones. Then Kris took me out to see Be Kind Rewind which was charming and lovely in the Michel Gondry way. A great little movie about people who love movies. Like me. Then home for the tail end of E!'s 8 hour marathon of Oscar coverage before the main event. The show is always mediocre and I don't get why people complain about it anymore. But I was very happy with the way the awards shook out. My top 3 moments were the Best Song lady who got to come back out to give her thanks, Diablo Cody being clearly overwhelmed by her win, and The Coens snagging the double win. (And of course, proof of the existence of God, Norbit and Transformers not taking home gold.)
  • A positive spin on some bad crap that happened: Since bad things happen in threes, I am hoping that now that I bruised the hell out of my right shin falling down the stairs, gave myself a deep cut on my right middle finger with the sharp part of a tin can, and had my car not want to start this morning, I am hoping that this streak is over and I can go catastrophe-free for a bit. At least till I'm healed :)

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