Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Yummy? I think not.

Today's Happy Thought: Funny Internet Videos

Warning: The clips linked in this entry are varying levels of not suitable for work in most offices and require sound.

First it was Sarah and Matt. And it was funny and I give SS a lot of credit, this originally aired before the strike was resolved and she took a lot of flak from people who thought this made her a scab (it didn't). Anyway, well played from a person whose stuff I don't always like.

Then came the response from Jimmy and Ben. Way to "yes, and" for serious. Way to use one's star power (does he have star power? It must have been something to get Brad Pitt and Harrison Ford and Cameron Diaz etc. involved) to one-up what's already been done. Well-played to someone who I never pay attention to, he just went up a notch in my books.

And now there's the parody with Elizabeth and Seth. And you'd think a parody of this was going to either a) beat a dead horse b) suck or c) both. And I think the inevitable tons of parodies that will follow will do. But this is good. Fucked up, but good.

Oh and, moment of silence. Thanks.

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