Thursday, March 6, 2008

Counteracting Un-naps, Lost Train Tickets, and the Hellmouth

This is one of those days where I really miss freelancing. Because if I was freelancing, and I was as tired and stressed as I am, I would lay on the couch and take a nap for an hour. (Couch naps are better than bed naps. Unless bed naps are with another person and they turn into Post Nap Sex.) And I would feel better. And even though I technically have a lunch hour, I can't imagine what I could do with it that would be as rejuvenating (and free) as a nap is (or as Post Nap Sex is, come to that). 

Also if I were freelancing, I would not have spent $150 twice in 6 days because I would not need a monthly train pass in the first place and therefore would not have it to lose 3 fricking working days into the month and have to replace it with my Amex in the second place. (The string of fucks that came out of my mouth upon realizing I must have left it in the little ticket-holding slot on the seat in the morning was quite impressive, mind you).

It is on these days that I need my Happy Thoughts most.

Happy Thoughts
  • This made me smile.
  • Kris read my rewrite of my Office spec and told me all my changes were spot on and that some of the jokes I added nearly made him fall off his chair laughing.
  • The person whom I find most annoying in my office (her cloying cheerfulness, her insistence on being right, and her tendency to mother me despite my 28 years and the existence of my biological mother) is not here today. Tomorrow she will not be here either, for she has been called for Grand Jury duty. And if she's picked (and she's totally the type to get picked) she will not be here every Friday for a good long while. 
(Note for karma's sake: I don't revel in the suffering she'll surely endure serving weekly jury duty, I'm just glad that once a week, I will be able to walk in with my normal, cranky, stormy, I-hate-mornings, disposition and keep it that way until I get some coffee and read a few amusing web items, without some Mary Freaking Sunshine assuming my cat got run over or something just because I'm not as chipper as she is, which is because immediately before seeing her everyday, I deal with Penn Station, which sucks away any ability any person has to be decent to their fellow man. I'm serious, that place is the fucking Hellmouth.)

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