Wednesday, March 19, 2008

When Happy Thoughts Are Important

It seems there's quite a bit of medical trouble in my family this week. God's phone is ringing off the hook with calls from my relatives. I'm worried to varying degrees and though I'm not a pray-er, I am trying to send positive energy where its needed and if you have a minute, it would be nice if you could too.

My cousin-in-law's mother is having a bad reaction to her chemo and had to be hospitalized for fluid in her lungs. It would seem she is on the mend but not out of the woods. This really worries me because CIL is very close to her mother and this must be hard on her. Also she has 2 young kids, both adopted, one who's not been in the country for a full year. They are also very close to their grandma and I worry for them.

Another cousin is having complications with her pregnancy. Something to do with high-blood pressure and I'm not really sure what else. The point is, they will probably have to deliver the baby this week. Technically, she is within the neonatal window, but seriously, I think this kid is not due for another 3 months. For the poor kid to have to come out so early and spend 3 months in a NICU, struggling to live, it breaks my heart and makes me very very scared. Especially since my cousin has wanted to be a mom for so long and I can't even bear to think what would happen if her child didn't make it.

The fact that both of these situations have improved since I heard of them makes me feel better. But if you can send prayers/good vibes/positive energy/whatever toward Vivian and Karen, and Lori and Will, I'm sure it would help.

UPDATE: Apparently my cousin will be delivering tonight. Please continue to send all good thoughts her way.

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