Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Happy Thoughts: Talented Couple Edition

So, I presented my script in class last night. When I say present, the procedure is, you bring copies in for the class, they do a table read of 7-8 pages, and then everyone critiques you and you're supposed to shut up but no one does.

They laughed. As people were reading the script out loud, they laughed. Out loud. Several times. Mind you, not as many times per page as are supposed to happen, but definite, genuine laughs. Sometimes when we read these things, it can be an absolute graveyard. I even found myself laughing. Not at my own jokes, but laughing with happiness and even tearing up that other people who are not my best friend or boyfriend liking what I wrote, being entertained by it. Priceless.

Also I got some feedback and suggestions to help me break through the block I've been having. Each week my teacher's only recommendation is "punch it up." Thanks, dude. HOW?  We went over "punching up" in class last week and I sat down and tried and succeeded in some places but it still needs a lot more, by tv standards. Bless my classmates who suggested changes that might make putting in more laughs easier. My teacher, FWIW, seemed to agree with these suggestions, giving them creedence, but if they were such easy and obvious solutions, WHY DIDN'T HE TELL ME THIS THREE WEEKS AGO? Argh. Anyway, the happy side is that I should be able to push through the block I've had on this script and make it better.

And it's official. Schocholautte has lain down tracks for their first single, Mercedes Benz. I am so happy for them and so proud of them and I cannot wait to have professional quality recordings to listen to and to play for others. Woohoo! 

A friend was just telling me an anecdote about how a local radio station played one of his songs off of his band's myspace and he was surprised to hear himself on the radio. Then in the drugstore, his girlfriend kept announcing that he'd just been on the radio. He was slightly embarrassed by this. My response?

"yeah but if and when that happens with Schocholautte, I am going to be out on 6th Ave with a megaphone with that shit."

Always, ALWAYS be proud of your accomplishments. Today I am for both of us.

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