Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Minor Damage

There are days when "it could have been a lot worse" is just not helpful to hear. There are other days when it is the best news in the world. This is one of those latter days. 

Today's Happy Thought: Good news! I can actually AFFORD the rapin' by the government this year. It will mean surrendering ALL of my Christmas bonus AND the check I'll be getting thanks to the Economic Stimulus Act, but if I give up both of those things, I will be DONE with this whole mess. I can start the frick OVER and not worry about all this ugliness any more. It will not hang over my head. I'm so thrilled that I actually returned my accountant's message from this morning on the same day to give her some info on a deduction I had forgotten about. Bingo! Go me! AND I spoke to our company financial planner about rolling over my old 401k. 

Look at me all financially responsible and whatnot. Will someone please reward me with a present? I like shoes!

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