Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Good in Bed

This was one of those great nights, you get every once in a while that you just can't plan. 
  • Got out of work early for sheer lack of anything else to do.
  • Came home and seduced my man (2 nights in a row, woohoo!)
  • Laughed and talked for a while, no stress or problems, just fun
  • Went out for a casual dinner, that was slightly indulgent, but not too bad (keep in mind, my definition of slightly indulgent is "I ate 2 mozzarella sticks.")
  • Hit up Linens N Things where we picked up the comforter and sheets from this set
  • Stupid cashier rang up one of our coupons twice so we got a supremely good deal
Overall, it was just one of those things. Many nights, I spend my time worrying about things that needs to get done, things that I need money for, or things that I fear just aren't as they should be because I'm somehow screwing up. Tonight there was none of that. Just two people who love each other enjoying each other's company, picking out nice new stuff for their home and giving themselves a break from cooking and cleaning. Pretty awesome, really. Close to the definition of perfect.

(The actual definition of perfect would entail some of the features of the daydream Kris told me about wherein he won $25 million and we both got everything we wanted and then gave a bunch of it to people we love.)

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