Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Happy Thoughts: The Week That Wouldn't End

This  is starting to be a really long week. The beginning contained a massive amount of obnoxious little details that refused to straighten themselves out without a maximum amount of annoyance to me. That combined with an extremely boring project at work and so much Good to look forward to as the end of the week nears, has made it hard to bear. The fact that that is about over, tops the list.

Happy Thoughts:
  • The Week That Wouldn't End is now more over than not and from tonight to this Sunday is stuffed with goodness, including a stand-up comedy show, the annual charity walk, a visit from family, and lots of good times with good friends.
  • Helping me make my way through the week that wouldn't end is this little gem, particularly nice for Lost fans.
  • Dinner with Lauryn tonight. Dinner out + best friend = YAY
  • Per my earlier very excited IM to Sarah, who could not give a crap about Project Runway but was also excited when I told her this: OMG POSH IS THE GUEST JUDGE ON THE PROJECT RUNWAY FINALE TONIGHT!!!!!!!!
  • Brisco County Jr. Kris and I have turned to this, after having finished Doctor Who Series 2. He bought the entire series outright, despite having not seen it since it originally aired. Good. Call. It is still the delightful cheesy gem it was when it was unjustly cancelled. It's not that it's good, per se. It's just entertaining. You can figure out every plot point 5 steps ahead of where it's revealed, to the point where the only reason Brisco walks into the incredibly obvious traps is because it's in the script. But Bruce Campbell is a tremendously entertaining anti-hero. Professor Wickwire is a brilliant portrayal of a loony sidekick scientist. It's awesome to watch Julius Carry ham it up as Brisco's rival bounty hunter Bowler. All in all, it's just a fun show and watching it with Kris makes him happy which makes me even happier.

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