Sunday, March 30, 2008

Play Ball!

A sheer avalanche of happy things have happened. A quick overview:
  • Thursday, due to sheer luck, I got to attend an intimate acoustic performance by Counting Crows at the Apple Store in Soho. They had the full band, all on acoustic instruments. They played some old stuff and most of the 2nd half of the new album. I was standing 30 feet from one of my favorite bands ever. It was really special and I feel so lucky I got to go.
  • After Counting Crows, I decided what the hell and went to Schocholautte's gig at Niagara. They were ON FIRE. For serious, I know I'm dating one of the band members, but holy shit these guys are good. They played longer than they were supposed to. They had new people in the audience and fans from a previous gig. They made some cash off of "donations." And for those of you who know this song, "Oh, My Dear!" was out of its fucking MIND. Michael threw his guitar on the floor and started pelting it with random items. These guys just keep getting better and I am so happy for them.
  • Friday, the office was almost empty and the work was mercifully scarce. I got to go home early and catch a nap. Because I'm old.
  • I was not sick this weekend for the first time in 3 weeks, huzzah.
  • Saturday night, I got to go out and have fun for once. Ryn had a Bag Party, giving away cool free samples from her job. I scored a great new bag for work that fits my laptop and a bunch of other crap, plus some cute little bags too. But more than that, it was great to get to go hang out with a bunch of girls and hang and have fun. Even if, as the boys predicted, we did spend part of the night talking about babies and marriage and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. And bangs and tiaras and shoes. Oh fuck you. :)
  • Yesterday, Kris and I finally ordered our new bed!!!! It will be delivered Wednesday morning. Tomorrow night is the last night I will spend in that crappy terrible bed (which is good because I slept like SHIT last night). While we were waiting for a salesman, we laid down in the sample of the model we ordered. Oh my God, everything just feels like it's going to be all right when you are laying in this bed. Sigh.
  • Kris and I are going to have a niece! Jessica found out today that her baby is a girl! This renews my baby enthusiasm. I'm so happy for Jess because she really wants a girl. YAY!
  • Even if they haven't started playing yet in Yankee Stadium, IT'S OPENING DAY!

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