Monday, March 10, 2008

Tired Old Bastard Edition

I. Am. Exhausted. Beat. Not only am I tired, but my body feels like crap. Kris was giving me a backrub last night and I had to ask him to stop because parts of my back felt bruised (evidence that we must make getting our new bed a much higher priority, so that the few hours of sleep I do get do not cause my knees to crack every morning and my back to feel like that of an abuse victim). But let us rewind and look back on the happy events that caused me to get to this place.

Happy Thoughts

  • Friday night we got out to see Eddie Izzard do standup. I am not super familiar with his routines and Kris had never seen any standup live before. So on top of being naturally hilarious, it was kind of a new thing for both of us. It's hard to tell you what was so funny (other than one of my favorites, the title of Charles Darwin's book, Monkey, Monkey, Monkey, Monkey, Monkey, YOU!), but nonetheless it was a laugh out loud good time. And the way the plan worked out, I even got a nice disco nap in beforehand.
  • Saturday brought the long-awaited Sarah's Mystery Birthday Party. It wasn't exactly a surprise but all she knew was that something was happening. I took her to see Matthew McConaghey Has No Shirt (or whatever the hell that movie's actually called) and we went shopping at Loehmann's and got great deals on jeans. And then I delivered her to her actual party, where 10 other of her nearest and dearest gathered to celebrate her and eat really good food. (Best. Cannoli. Ever.) The best thing about it was that Sarah was so happy. Making my friends happy means the world to me and it really does make me feel better.
  • Sunday morning brought The Walk. I do an annual charity walk to benefit colon cancer prevention. This year my mother and sister were unable to participate with me. And it was on the first morning of daylight savings time. And it was the morning after 2 pretty late nights. And it was in Central Park. And it was about 25 degrees out. And there were 20-30 mph winds. And no one would ever have known if I had just skipped it. Which I guess it part of why it felt really good to be there. I bore down and powered through the damn thing and just felt really healthy and happy and proud of myself. 
I am now damn useless. I have to get through work today, class tonight, and work tomorrow and then I can sit on my ass and recover from all of this joyousness. And in the meantime, watch stuff like this to keep myself awake.

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