Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Return Of

Lots of things are coming back and they all make me happy.

Happy Thoughts:
  • Top Chef: Chicago premieres tonight. Tune in to meet the new crop of chefs and see the husband of a woman I used to work for. So excited for this.
  • My ability to do hard things and get hard things done has come back. Today I called my accountant to set up an appointment for my taxes. Last night I finished messing with the Schocholautte footage that's been on my desk for a while. It's not perfect, it's actually kind of sucky, but I dealt with what I had and turned out a finished product at least.
  • Speaking of Schocholautte, they return to gigging tomorrow night at Hank's Saloon at 11 pm. I won't be able to be there, but, like I said on myspace, how cool would it be for you to say that you were at a Schocholautte show that I wasn't at?
  • That feature film I worked on returns to my life, allowing me to finally see the product of the weeks of hard labor done by me and many people I like. And congrats to the filmmakers for doing what they've done with this little story. I may not love it but I admire what they've accomplished.


krysti said...

Schocholautte is so great! You have to check out more of their music. There are some great performances on Check it out!!

Karen said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Krysti. The drummer is my boyfriend, so I've got the inside scoop on all their promotional stuff 'round the web. Good to know word is getting around!

Hope we see you at the Trash Bar tonight!